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New generation of low back pain therapy!
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"Thanks to the ValedoMotion, I am finally getting feedback on whether or not I am doing my exercises properly. I can immediately see my progress compared to last time, which is highly motivating."
Urs, Switzerland; Inflammation of the spine joints


Motivating & effective back therapy

"Since I've been working with the ValedoMotion, a whole new world opened up for me, because of all these games that you can do. I really love games. It gives me a kind of competitive spirit and that lets me forget the pain."
Joyce, Netherlands; Spinal disk herniation
What is therapy with ValedoMotion

What is therapy with ValedoMotion

Joyce - Patient Testimonial

Motivating exercises


Direct feedback with the ValedoMotion

Prof. Dr. Jan Kool, Head of R&D in Physiotherapy, ZHAW Winterthur, Switzerland

"The ValedoMotion is for us as a rehab team and for the patients a helpful tool to achieve the therapy goals."
Dr. Henk Arwert
Head of Rehabilitation
Sophia Revalidatie Westeinde
Den Haag, Netherlands


Click to
play movie
Stabilization /
Mobilization Movement
Play Ants Yes   Yes
Play Balance Yes    
Play Cave Diver   Yes Yes
Play Clock   Yes Yes
Play Colors   Yes  
Play Diver   Yes  
Play Fruits   Yes  
Play Glider Yes Yes Yes
Play Golf   Yes  
Play Maze Circle   Yes  
Play Maze Square   Yes  
Play Pong   Yes  
Play Trumpet Flower   Yes Yes


A patient survey shows:
Feedback from the ValedoMotion was helpful
Feedback is easy to understand
Makes it easier to perform exercises on your own
Independent training is more fun with the ValedoMotion
Brodbeck D. et al. (2009). Computer-aided Therapy System with Augmented Feedback for the lower Back. HEALTHINF 2009:66-73.



The ValedoMotion can be beneficial for the following patient groups.

  • Non specific low back pain, and those diagnosed with "Lumbago"*
  • Problems with the sacroiliac joint (e.g. pelvic girdle pain)
  • Stability training
  • Mobility training
  • Improved balance training
  • Stroke patients with little or no Apraxia

* Lumbago is primarily associated with non-specific low back pain, often caused by muscular deficits.

The ValedoMotion can be beneficial for the following patient groups, but only in consultation with their physiotherapist / doctor.

  • Hernia, including post operative (including spinal or abdominal)
  • Ankylosing spondylitis (old name: Morbus Bechterew)
  • Osteoporosis (light or mild)
  • MS patients (non progressive stage)
  • Parkinson's patients
  • Younger aged stenosis patients


The ValedoMotion Software captures the patient's training activity and progress providing documentation about the therapy process and the patient's compliance.

  • documentation of training activities:
    • therapy goals
    • training time
    • scores
  • documentation of range-of-motion
  • graphical representation of training history and achievements
Documentation of training activities


The spine in a 3D animation

What is assessment with ValedoShape

What is assessment with ValedoShape

The spine in 3D


E Kellis, G Adamou, G Tzilios, M Emmanouilidou
Reliability of spinal range of motion in healthy boys using a skin-surface device
Physical Education and Sports and Sciences at Serres, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Serres, Greece
J Manipulativ Physiol Ther,
31: 570 – 576, 2008

AF Mannion, K Knecht, G Balaban, J Dvorak, D Grob
A new skin-surface device for measuring the curvature and global and segmental ranges of motion of the spine: reliability of measurements and comparison with the data reviewed from the literature
Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland Eur Spine J,
13:122 – 136, 2004

S Watanabe, A Eguchi, K Kobara, H Ishida
Influence of trunk muscle co-contraction on spinal curvature during sitting for desk work
Department of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health Science and Technology, Kawasaki, Japan Electromyogr Clin Neurophysiol,
47: 273 – 278, 2007


Start the assessment
Start the assessment
Your spine at the end of its range-of-motion
Your spine at the end of its range-of-motion
Your segmental mobility
Your segmental mobility
Your spine at the end of its range-of-motion
Your spine at the end of its range-of-motion

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