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How do I start a challenge?

In order for you to advance to the next level, you must complete a progress challenge. For example, to go from level 1 to 2, the challenge might be “stay on the line continuously for 90 seconds”.

Challenge Start Menue

During the exercise a special challenge progress bar will display and only when you’ve completed the challenge will the next level be available to you.

Challenge Bar

If a progress challenge requires a different exercise configuration than what is currently applied (e.g. requires at least 4 minutes of exercise time, and the time is only set to 2 minutes), you will see an (Activate) button. Tap to automatically configure the exercise so the progress challenge can be attempted.

  • Tapping (Activate) will set the minimum configuration for the challenge. If, for example, the exercise requires at least 4 minutes of playtime, tapping [Activate] will set the exercise to 4 minutes, but you can always set more time.
  • You can also manually change the configuration in order to activate the challenge.

Challenge Play

There are also replay challenges. This is a fun way to challenge yourself while replaying a level. After unlocking a new difficulty you will also have the opportunity to attempt replay challenges for the levels you’ve already unlocked.

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