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My sensors do not connect. How can I solve this?

Valedo is compatible with several Tablets and Smartphones. Please check full list of compatible and tested devices

Hocoma recommends using Valedo with latest iOS and Android software ( iOS 9.1+ and Android 4.4+) on your Tablet or Smartphone. Versions of iOS 7.0.x are known to have issues with Bluetooth connectivity.

Ensure that your Bluetooth connection is ON and ensure that your Tablet or Smartphone is NOT in Flight Mode.

Ensure that your sensors are charged and turned ON. Turn OFF the sensor by pressing the button 4 seconds or longer. Turn ON the sensor by simply pressing the button normally.

Close the Valedo software fully:

  • Apple
    Quickly press the iPad or iPhone home button twice and
  • Android
    Most devices running a version of Android newer than 4.0 will have a button that allows you to view and manage recently-opened apps at almost any time. This button is located in the "virtual taskbar" at the bottom of the screen next to the "Back" and "Home" buttons — it looks like two overlaid rectangles. Press this button and swipe the software to close it. If you do not have this above option, you might want have to run Task manager to fully close the Valedo software.


Android Home Button

Completely restart your Tablet or Smartphone by pressing and holding the main power button of your Tablet or Smartphone.

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