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How do I capture my Range Of Motion (ROM)?

Capturing your Range of Motion adapts Valedo to your body’s abilities and offers an optimal exercising and gaming experience.

  1. The Range of Motion (ROM) is needed to store your movements into the software. Please pick up your Tablet or Smartphone when you are performing a ROM.
  2. When you are recording your ROM make sure you stand with your knees slightly bent, feet at shoulder width and with a straight back.
  3. The instructor on the right (i.e. The Movement Tutor) will demonstrate the required movement.
  4. Please move to the indicated direction. You can see the robot move and an orange bar appears in real time to your movement. The orange bar indicates the angle of the movement.
  5. Please hold the movement at your comfortable maximum and press capture.
  6. Repeat the above steps for the other movements.


You can always redo your movement by tapping on the symbols indicating the movement type below the robot.

Make sure you always see the orange bar while moving. If you do not see an orange bar moving, please change direction, enlarge your movement or recalibrate your sensors (Press calibrate) if you feel that the movement detection is incorrect.

The robot should always stand upright in a neutral position when you are in an upright neutral position.

Range of motion


If not, please recalibrate your position by pressing CALIBRATE. 

We highly recommend not to move beyond your (pain) limits and maximum comfortable positions. This will not be beneficial for your exercising.


Other Sources: You can find instructions of the ROM in the software (ROM information Menu)

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