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How do I perform hip movements?

The hip movements are difficult to perform for many users. The hips movements, however, are perhaps the most beneficial in the treatment for improved back health.

Please make sure when you perform left/right hip movements in standing that:

  • You flex one of your knees and extend the other knee (e.g. think of dancing salsa or merengue)
  • On the extended leg side you lift your hip up.
  • Make sure you do not move your trunk (i.e. upper body) towards your hip. This is a compensation strategy. Your trunk should remain upright in a neutral position.

When you perform forward/backward hip movements in standing it is helpful to put your hands on both sides just above your hips. 

If you still have problems to perform the hip movements we recommend you to perform the hip movements while sitting on a training ball.

Note: Hip movements are easy for some and very difficult for others. Hip and pelvic movements are very beneficial and essential to exercise therapy of the lower back. If you can’t perform the movements easily, it may be an indication of the cause of your lower back pain (please refer to doctor or qualified healthcare professional).

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