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Software that transforms biomechanical exercises into fun

02 Feb 2015

Valedo is the first personal medical device for the low back that combines physical sensors with sophisticated, yet intuitive software. Valedo transforms biomechanical exercises developed by physical therapy professionals into fun, interactive games on a user’s iPad or iPhone. Unlike wearable technologies that simply track steps and heart rate, or gaming devices that are camera-based, Valedo’s sensors detect and respond to micro movements, ensuring that each exercise is tailored to the user and done correctly. Collectively, Valedo’s games guide users through a complete series of movements that take place in virtual “worlds” and are designed, over time, to improve movement awareness for increased stability and balance, restore motion to vertebral joints, and redevelop deep muscles for enhanced strength, all of which can help back pain sufferers achieve sustained back health.

Valedo was rated one of the Top 30 devices in the wearable healthcare market by Soreon Research and a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree.

Read the full press release here.

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