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Hocoma’s Valedo therapeutic gaming platform ensures the right compliance with low back pain exercises.

03 Feb 2015

What truly makes the difference between a smart wearable’s success and failure is its level of usefulness, the actual value perceived by the wearer, not only by whoever runs the data analysis. For instance, Hocoma AG’s CEO Dr. Gery Colombo related his experience with the launch of Valedo for the treatment of low back pain.

While many wearable devices are seen as gadgets, Valedo is an easy sell for those who seek medical help, claims Colombo. The kit includes two motion sensors that monitor the wearer’s posture as he/she follow therapeutic gaming instructions on a tablet or a smartphone.

The minute rehabilitation movements are easier to perform thanks to the avatar’s feedback in real time, and the sessions just feel like playing a game, hence a better compliance with the recommended exercises.

Read the full press release here.

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