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And the award goes to? Hocoma for Valedo.

13 Mar 2015

Valedo was nominated for the 'Wearable Awards 2015' in several categories.

Now it's offical:

  • Best wearable app: Hocoma 1st place
  • Best Medical wearable: Hocoma 2nd place
  • Best Consumer product: Hocoma 3rd place
  • Overall wearable winner: Hocoma 3rd place

What a succesful evening for Hocoma's Valedo. And we're still hungry for more.

'Medical technology company Hocoma also faired well at tonight’s ceremony winning Best App, taking the runner’s up place for Best Medical Wearable and coming third in the battle for Overall Wearable Winner.'

Read the full review here.



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