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Valedo back pain therapy sensors review

06 May 2015

Lily Elis from Ergohacks has tested the Valedo, April 2015

I was excited to unwrap the Valedo sensors. Physiotherapy is a vital part of my day and as someone plagued with back pain, struggling with core stability and muscular control, I was hopeful that the Valedo would help me improve with a program of exercises I can follow on the iPad whilst the sensors that temporarily stick to the lower back and sternum would provide feedback. I put the sensors on, calibrated them in the app and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was not a fitness app, but an interactive game where the sensors and my body was the controller.

The game is simple. My little robot was controlled with specific movements and I had to follow another robot in front of me on the trail he left. The trail curved left and right, up and down, twisted and wound its way through ocean floors, desert valleys and other background terrains. Obstacles were quite close to the trail, like exploding bombs, hit them and lose points. The movement component changed depending on the exercise selected at the start. It started simple then worked up to some combinations of bending, turning and twisting whilst standing, sitting or kneeling (four point kneeling) on the floor.

It is an excellent tool that makes it significantly easier to know that therapeutic exercises are done correctly and the personal metrics it collects and displays works great as an incentive. 

Exercises are gradually unlocked and the app keeps track of all personal analytics. There is the option to set specific target goals around how long I wanted to exercise each session and how many session a week did I want to commit to and send push notifications to an iOS device. The application is easy to use and makes back exercises that are often tedious more fun and less work

Tested by Lily Ellis

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