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Lower Back Pain – a common problem

22 May 2015

Lower back pain is a problem for many of us. Almost every second person will be bothered with this annoying ache, or lumbago which it’s also called, during their lifetime. It’s also one of the top 10 reasons why people go and see their doctor.

There are many reasons why you hurt in the lower part of your back but usually it has to do with strains between muscle and bones. If you have moved or twisted your body in an unusual manner it can stretch your muscles and trigger the uncomfortable ache.

There are two main types of back pains. It’s the back dominating pain which radiates down your back to your butt and hips. This pain can be relieved with bending your body backwards or forwards – the way it feels best. The other one is called sciatica and it’s felt as lower back pain while walking or standing. These leg pains are usually caused by your spine pressing on some nerves. This ache will also usually go away, but consult a doctor if it doesn’t.

Usually the pain will go away in six weeks’ time and relieved with pain reduction medication, but for some it’s a chronic permanent condition. I’m not a huge fan of putting pills and medication into my body, so I do whatever it takes to avoid that and find other solutions.

Training these muscles will help increasing the chances of not getting back pains.

Help from new technology

A Swiss company called Hocoma has now developed a new small gadget called Valedo that cures lower back pain as well as increases your lower back health over time. It’s a couple of small medical sensor devices you place on the skin on your lower back section and on your chest that measures your movements. The devices itself are fastened to you with medical tape.

The product is developed together with physiotherapists and movement scientists who clearly know how your body is supposed to move to prevent and cure your back pain.

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