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A wearable solution for India

04 Jun 2015

The stinging pain in your back is a horrible reminder of the heavy thing you lifted without bending your knees or of the chubby baby you pick up every now and then. You pop in a few painkillers and even try to stretch. You set up a massage appointment to get some relief, albeit temporarily. But, it never goes away for good.

A new wearable in the Indian market seems like a good solution to your chronic back pain. This device, known as Valedo, has two wireless sensors that stick to your lower back and chest with the help of special stickers that are included. You will have to wear them while you play a corresponding game on your iPhone or iPad. Your physical movements send your game character through an obstacle course, grabbing jewels as it progresses.

In fact, the gaming moves are exercises that are supposed to stretch and strengthen your back muscles and reduce pain.

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