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Valedo back pain therapy launches an Android app

19 Jun 2015

A few months ago Lily reviewed the Valedo Back Pain Therapy Sensors and I was excited earlier this week to get an email notifying me that an app had just launched for Android and was available in the Google Play Store. The Valedo sensors are two small devices that fit on your chest and upper back and let you gamify and monitor your physiotherapy and exercises. Lily loved them and I’ve been looking for an excuse to borrow them from her. From her updated review:

“The Valedo tries to make tedious therapeutic exercises easier to carry out correctly and more fun to do, thereby increasing the likelihood that the program will not be abandoned. It succeeds at both. I would recommend it to those interested in improving core stability or are at a high risk for developing back pain due to environmental circumstances, like spending much of the day sitting down. I would highly recommend it to anyone who experiences persistent non-specific back pain.”

Lily uses an iPad Air for her tablet but I share the little one’s Hudl and use my Android Phone and for the last couple of days I’ve been trying the app with both and it works perfectly. Your device needs to support Bluetooth LE and be on Android 4.4 or later. That takes in just over half of the Android phones and tablets out there and probably every one from this year and most from last year.

The app is free and if you’ve been holding off on the Valedo waiting for Android or if you already have the sensors but and have an Android device as well then download it and get the sensors. If you are not sure the App does have a trial mode that lets you tilt the device rather than relying on the sensor input which will give you a good idea about what is available.

Check out the full Valedo review or read more here about Valedo on Android

Ergohacks Valedo Screen

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