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Valedo, your personal back therapy is now available at Amazon.

24 Aug 2015

Valedo, the first wearable back coach for self-therapy is available at Amazon.

Valedo is an FDA listed wearable back coach for back pain sufferers looking for a personalized and safe self-therapy that helps reduce low back pain. The medical device combines latest sensor technology with a dynamic and intuitive software, transforming 17 unique back exercise movements, incorporated into 45 therapeutic exercises, into motivating and interactive games.

The user simply has to download the software from the App Store or Google Play Store on a mobile device, apply one sensor to the chest and the second one to the lower back, and start the personalized back exercises. By following the path or matching the actions of the on-screen avatar, the users is guided safely through precise, therapeutic movements which target one or a combination of therapeutic goals. The sensors detect and respond to micro movements of the upper body, provide real time movement feedback and detect incorrect movements all of which ensures a tailored and controlled therapy.

As the Valedo software progresses with the user it also allows performance and progress tracking, motivating the user not only to get moving and stay on track, but also to continuously improve on their achievements.

Grounded in movement science and physiotherapy and developed by Hocoma, leader in the development of robotic and sensor-based devices for functional movement therapy, Valedo is the solution for an independent yet guided and effective low back therapy in the comfort of one’s own home.

The software can be downloaded on the App Store or on the Google PlayTM Store.

  • For iPad: 3rd generation and higher (iPad 4th generation recommended) and all iPad mini.
  • For iPhone: 5th generation and higher.
  • For AndroidTM 4.4 and above with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

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