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Valedo, one of the Smart Medical Devices that are changing HealthCare

04 Nov 2015

Although the idea of the ultimate connected hospital was conceived a while back (several decades ago), it is only recently that it has taken shape as far as it’s entire or partial implementation goes. And this is courtesy of emerging technology, digital health and the inception of the IoT (The Internet of Things) which has made it easier to integrate smart wearable medical devices to the Internet and in effect fuse communication with functionality.

The Valedo Back Therapy Kit

Of all smart connected healthcare devices that have graced the past decade or two, the Valedo Back Therapy Kitstands out in terms of ingenuity, reliability and effectiveness. And this is even more enunciated if you have a soft spot for video games. The Valedo, as it is fondly referred by many, was engineered for patients who experience lower back pain or related complications.

In terms of the construction, the kit brings together a gaming platform, a user interface and a connected module, all in one convenient package. The gaming platform issues exercises to the patient in the form of video game interactions. On the other hand, the connection module is attached to the patient’s lower back via smart sensors and can store data that is even relayed to the companion smartphone app via Bluetooth. From here, the patient or healthcare giver can access the crucial data collected related to his lower back health and symptoms. Until now, it has mainly been used to treat and manage chronic kidney problems, spinal cord injury, etc.

Although it is currently not a fully integrated ‘connected’ smart medical device, there are plans for improving the current prototype to allow the linking up of dozens of such kits to a private network such a hospital’s wi-fi.

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