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The great thing about Valedo is that it’s simple to use and fun

16 Feb 2016

Back pain is a major cause of discomfort for people the world over. In the US alone around 65 million people suffer from back pain, with approximately 80% of the population experiencing the problem at some point in their lives. Valedo is designed to help people who are suffering from non-specific lower back pain (LBP). This is that pain that many people experience when there doesn’t appear to be any exact cause; such as an injury.

Valedo combines the use of sensors with specially designed software to create a system that helps strengthen back muscles which in turn keeps the spine stable and reduces pain on an ongoing basis.

The great thing about Valedo is that it’s simple to use and fun. All users have to do is attach the sensors to their body and switch on the software. The system uses 45 therapeutic exercises, in a variety of fun games and activities. Users watch a motivational image of their activity on screen and can immediately view reports of their progress when they finish. Valedo was designed by a team of movement scientists and physiotherapists at Hocoma, a Swiss based medical technology company that was founded in 1996.

They released the Valedo design in 2010 and continue to develop and expand upon the number of therapeutic exercises used. Valedo is used by individuals, who want to reduce LBD by strengthening their backs in a fun and motivational way. It’s also used by professional therapists as a way of supporting their current therapies, and bringing the relief from pain their patients need.

Valedo is FDA approved and compatible with a range of devises that use smart Bluetooth low energy technology. It’s set to continue bringing pain relief to users as its range is further developed.

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