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'Physiotherapists Portal' introduces Valedo

24 Jul 2014

Hocoma's back training device Valedo® was awarded the top grade from the established association "Campaign for Healthier Backs e.V." (AGR) as a particularly back-friendly product. The AGR seal of approval is a guide consumers can use for particularly back-friendly products.

Valedo® provides a functional movement therapy developed by physical therapists, orthopedists and movement scientists. It combines therapeutic exercises with entertaining and motivating games which lead to an effective and above all playful back training. By means of a medical adhesive tape, the user sticks two sensors on the chest and back, starts the software and begins exercising. The developed exercises are then completed within a varying computer game in a virtual city. As an avatar, you can move through the fantasy world, earn points and new levels and, above all, exercise for a healthier back.

The motion sensors are connected to the game via Bluetooth and give the user real time feedback on whether the exercises are performed correctly. The collected data on the movements are stored and can potentially be used with the doctor or physiotherapist. The exercises performed on the iPad also allow practicing with full mobility - in the office, at home or while traveling.

 Valedo Main Image

Foto: Hocoma, Switzerland

Mr. Detlef Detjen, Managing Director of the AGR about awarding the top grade to Valedo:

„Back pain is tedious, however dull back pain exercises even more so. Still, movement is important - and what would be better than a back training, where time flies and where you have fun? Here, Valedo offers a very innovative, effective solution and was therefore awarded the AGR seal of approval. Through the effective back pain exercises, combined with an entertaining and motivating gaming environment, boring back pain exercises at home are a thing of the past.“

More informationhttp://www.valedotherapy.com
and www.agr-ev.de



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