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Small, precise movements with great effect

16 Dec 2014

Karin Caflisch, Valedo Nutzerin

I suffer from back pain since I'm 16 years old. As a result, I was often at the physiotherapist, although irregularly - but once the pain was gone, I have not continued the treatment. I then read a report about Valedo and thought I would give it a try.

Generally, I rather belong to the people who buy something full of enthusiasm, then try it a few times and then put it away again. Above all - if I am not in pain, I do not think about exercising.

My main problem was always the motivation to perform specific back exercises - and this over time. I have now and then done exercises that my physical therapist has told me to do, however this was not only boring, but also  not satisfactory for me. I had no possibility to check whether the exercises are performed correctly. I did it to my best knowledge - but was always left without feedback which was very unsettling for me.

The great thing about Valedo is that the system gives me the confidence that all I do, I do right. The feedback is immediate and allows me to correct my movements quickly. The exercises are just like the exercises that I know from physiotherapy - small, precise movements with great effect. Besides, I can share my training evaluation with my physiotherapist and evaluate it with her. The improved my training even more and since then I can train certain areas even more.

If I had to describe the Valedo? In short: Playful, cool, funny, animating and motivates me to exercise more.

And what I like the most? Flying with the robot through landscapes!


Karin Caflisch, Valedo User

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